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REPORT ONE: The expense of maintaining local control.

REPORT TWO: Income Tax vs Property Tax for School Funding

REPORT THREE: If you pay it they will spend.

REPORT FOUR: Proposed reform legislation

REPORT FIVE: Alternative solutions to education finance reform


The $200,000 Club: Illinois' highest paid public school employees

DeKalb County's Top 50: highest paid local public school employees

DeKalb County School Unit Comparisons

Comparing Tax Bills: How DeKalb County stacks up with other communities.

Comparing Illinois: State by State Individual Income Taxes

Comparing Illinois: State by State Corporate Income Taxes

Comparing Illinois: State by State Sales Taxes

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Follow The Money: Illinois' Top Campaign Contributors




Schools, Colleges and University in DeKalb County

Northern Illinois University  753-1000
Kishwaukee College  825-2086
Indian Valley Vocational Center  786-9873

DeKalb Community Unit School District 428 
901 S Fourth St / DeKalb, IL 60115  754-2350

Chesebro Elementary School  754-2208
Cortland Elementary School  754-2360
Jefferson Elementary School  754-2263
Lincoln Elementary School  754-2212
Littlejohn Elementary School  754-2258
Tyler Elementary School  754-2389
Gwendolyn Brooks Elem School  754-9936
Malta Elementary School  825-2081
Wright Elementary School  754-2300
Clinton Rosette Middle School  754-2226
Huntley Middle School  754-2241
DeKalb High School  754-2100

Genoa Kingston Community Unit School District 424 
941 W Main St / Genoa, IL 60135-1098   784-6222

Davenport Elementary School


Genoa Middle School


Genoa-Kingston High School 


Kingston Grade School 


Hiawatha Community Unit School District 426 
P.O. Box 428 / Kirkland, IL 60146-0428   522-6676

Hiawatha Elementary School   522-3336
Hiawatha High School   522-3335

Hinckley Big Rock Community Unit School District 429 
P.O. Box 1210 / Hinckley, IL 60520-1210   286-7133 

Big Rock Elem School  (708) 556-3235
Hinckley Elem School   286-3288
Hinckley-Big Rock High School  286-3291

Indian Creek Community Unit School District 425 
506 Shabbona Rd / Shabbona, IL 60550-0901   824-2197 

Indian Creek High School   824-2197
Indian Creek Middle School  264-7712
Shabbona Elem School  824-2122
Waterman Elem School   264-3351

Sandwich Community Unit School District 430
720 S Wells St / Sandwich, IL 60548-2493   786-2187

Dummer Attendance Center  786-2138
Lynn G Haskin Elementary School  786-8812
Prairie View Elem School  786-8811
Sandwich Community High School  786-2157
W W Woodbury Elem School  786-6316

Somonauk Community Unit School District 432 
Box 278 501 W Market / Somonauk, IL 60552-0278

Somonauk Grade School   498-2338
Somonauk High School  498-2314

Sycamore Community Unit School District 427
245 W Exchange St / Sycamore, IL 60178-1406   899-8103

North Elementary School 


Southeast Elem School 


West Elem School 


South Prairie Elem School  


Sycamore Jr High School 


Sycamore High School 



ImagePam Wagener, Coordinator of Financial Aid at Kishwaukee College, has announced the recipients of the 2006 Academic Achievement Awards.  Academic Achievement Awards waive in-district full-time student tuition and mandatory fees at Kishwaukee College for two academic years.  Academic Achievement Awards are awarded to students who excel academically and also to students who are active in various sports, journalism, forensics, and student government.

The scholarships were available to 2006 district high school graduates with a class rank in the upper 25% who will be attending Kishwaukee College in the fall 2006 as full-time students (carrying 12 credit hours of coursework).  To maintain eligibility for all four semesters, students must remain full-time and earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.1/4.0. 

This year’s recipients of the Academic Achievement Awards are:

From DeKalb High School: Alicen Cann, Ryan Fisher, Jacoby Holtz, and Katie Jones; from Genoa-Kingston High School: Alexandra Anderson, Brianna Michael, and Miles Tishhauser; from Hiawatha High School: Stacy Dreska and Brittany Driscoll; from Oregon High School: Eric Bruns and Tabitha Duncan; from Paw Paw High School: Lindsey Kingery and Michael Striegel; from Rochelle Township High School: Marla Jennings, Benjamin Valdivieso, and Ashley Wing; and from Sycamore High School: Kristen Dombek, Dustin Johnson, Brittany Sheldon, and Christine Williams.

 For more information on financial aid opportunities at Kishwaukee College, call 815-825-2086, ext. 224.

NIU launches Institute for Neutron Therapy at Fermilab

<DIV align=center> </DIV>Naperville, Ill.-Northern Illinois University has announced plans to revive a unique and proven cancer treatment that blends advanced medical science with accelerator physics developed at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, a Department of Energy laboratory in Batavia, Ill.

The newly formed NIU Institute for Neutron Therapy at Fermilab will deliver neutron therapy to patients and conduct extensive research on the high-tech cancer-fighting treatment. Neutron therapy has been shown to be superior for some types of cancer, including adenoidcystic carcinoma, locally advanced prostate cancer, locally advanced head and neck tumors, inoperable sarcomas, and cancer of the salivary glands.

The institute will serve as many as 145 patients annually and could begin treating patients as soon as mid-January. Working in tandem with hospitals in the region, the neutron therapy center at Fermilab treated more than 3,100 patients over nearly three decades. But treatments came to a halt in May of 2003, when a local hospital ended its involvement with the program.  (more)

More information on the NIU Institute for Neutron Therapy at Fermilab is available online at www.neutrontherapy.niu.edu.

Survey: NIU students give 'thumbs up'
to online courses

Online learning is a hit at Northern Illinois University, according to a pilot survey of 149 students who have taken some classes via their computers.

The report, issued this fall based on surveys taken near the end of the Fall 2003 and Spring 2004 semesters, shows overall satisfaction varies with the level of the students surveyed.

More importantly, however, most are willing to enroll in more online courses.

Students also are pleased with the degree of technology support they receive, the survey found, and the majority of the students believe the completion of their online courses improved their ability to master technology.

In Fiscal Year 2004, more than 1,800 course sections were delivered via Blackboard to an enrollment of 34,790 undergraduate and graduate students.

The survey covered 16 course sections from the 300 to the 600 level in four colleges. Response to the survey accounted for 45 percent of the 328 students enrolled. (more)