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Monday September 11, 2006


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No Moore in DeKalb

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Politics from Hollywood. Ronald Reagan thought once is was a good idea. So does Michael Moore, producer of the controversial film, "Fahrenheit 9-11."

GKC Theatres top officials evidently decided they were not going to show this movie in their cinemas.  That decision further inflamed the controversy and put them and DeKalb County smack dab in the middle of it on a local basis.

Partisan party or social philosophy members are having a heyday with this one. A local internet bulletin board hosted on the Northern Illinois University servers, TOMPAINE, has taken a local leadership role in protesting GKC Theatre's decision not to show Fahrenheit 9-11. In its description, list creator and owner, Herb Rubin, says that "TOMPAINE is a discussion group for faculty and staff members of the NIU Community.  TOMPAINE provides a forum for members of the NIU community to share their insights on events affecting the university as a place of work and as an institution of higher education."

Spend some time perusing the TOMPAINE bulletin board and you will discover that it is also used as a catalyst for activism. You'll match up several names of local activists on issues ranging from local growth to mayoral and city politics to Fahrenheit 9-11 to those who appear regularly in the Daily Chronicle's OpEd section. It will also be clear that most of the participants on this list server are on the left, if not far left, of the political spectrum.

It might be questionable whether tax dollars should be used to provide what TOMPAINE is, as opposed to what its intended for, but in America we do have the right to express our opinion.

And that applies to Michael Moore.  It is his right to express his opinion.  But since he adamantly admits that one motivation for releasing and promoting Fahrenheit 9-11 is to "get President Bush un-elected," the question should be asked: "Should the entertainment industry allow itself to be used for the political ambitions of a member?"

I believe it is up to each member of the entertainment industry to decide what the appropriate answer to that question is. It appears that is what GKC Theatres has done. They have a right to choose what products they will offer, and why... just as moviegoers can choose which theater they patronize, and why.

I have my opinion about Michael Moore and his film.  I'm a staunch independent voter who is frankly fed up with partisan politics and politically correct BS that is guiding our country for the good of the party, respectively.

I am also undecided about who I will vote for as my next President this November.

President Bush is in my doghouse. As Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces he is ultimately responsible for the fiasco, embarrassment and human rights violations that occurred at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. That's a big strike against him in my book. Mistakes happen. Mr. Bush had better do what is necessary to prevent such a gregarious mistake from happening again. He better communicate clearly what his strategy is or I won't vote for him.

On the other hand, Senator Kerry and company have shown an aptitude and ability for bashing President Bush. Some pollsters might suggest that such a strategy will get Mr. Kerry elected.  He won't get my vote until and unless he offers clearly communicated specific ideas for how he will improve our nation and the problems we face.

I'm a capitalist, Mr. Nader. Fo-ged-da-bout-it!

War is inhumane. When our nation goes to war it asks our young adults and service personnel to become nothing short of animals in times of combat. Their eyes see what the human mind should not record. In the insane world of combat doing so is the best chance for survival. In a battle, survival is the key to victory. That is the blunt truth of war.

What gives our young adults the inspiration and courage to fight and survive in the environment of combat is the underlying faith that what they are doing is in service of their nation and their families. Mr. Moore's film undermines that faith for his economic and social-stature gain.

Clearly, Fahrenheit 9-11 is a film about a snapshot in time. If Mr. Moore wants to impose his beliefs and values on the direction this nation takes he should be responsible. He should have weighed all consequences of using his talents and resources to express his views especially in light of his expressed motivation to unseat a President.

Some local opinion writers have stated, "Moore film should be shown - someplace." Well, don't worry, it will.

It will be shown as a recruiting tool for those who need powerful messages to recruit suicide bombers.  In correspondence from home, and from the nation's and world's news sources, our young soldiers will read and hear the serious allegations and innuendos that Moore makes against our nation and its leaders. Somehow, I do not believe it will help them face the extreme difficulties they are placed in... to protect Mr. Moore's right to express his opinion.

Perhaps Moore would consider doing a documentary about who and what it is who has openly and viciously declared war on the United States. If he does then he might understand why I am so appalled and frightened that his film just might be the last thing that a captured soldier is forced to watch, before he is beheaded.

And for that possibility, I believe Fahrenheit 9-11 is disgusting. If I owned a theater I wouldn't show it either.

Mac McIntyre


Moore is a Liar and Crackpot. 911 is such a piece of garbage.

The Republicans. China, North Korea, most countries of South America, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the choices are out there for all those who wish to stifle the truth. Go to these countries and live there. No opinion, no problems with the truth. Nice and simple.

Be in the company of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim Il sung,

When it was time to dump on Clinton, there were no limits, every policy despite Republican sabotage bared fruit. A healthy ,vibrant economy, a military that did the impossible in Bosnia, you don't even hear the comparison the the sham Bush has going against a country that had no leadership, no artillery, no fortifications, no air force. The list goes on. George Bush is a disgrace and it's to Moore's credit to bring it to light.

Your most important point is the one that stands out. EVERYONE/GROUP HAS A RIGHT TO THEIR OPINION. There is nothing to be gained by bashing an opinion--you will likely not change it. You have a right not to support it.

Which brings me to your comment on Iraq. Do you seriously think (in light
of what we know about our intelligence) that Iraq has anything to do with
our freedom? If so, how?

I think I like your website. Good Job!

"I believe Fahrenheit 9-11 is disgusting", and I find the actions of our federal and state government disgusting. Between Rob Blago and George Dubya, I don't know who's more destructive, the right or the left.

"Censorship in any form is the enemy of creativity, since it cuts off the life blood of creativity: ideas." -Allan Jenkins



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