Welcome staff of Northern Illinois University Office of Admissions and Office of Registration and Admissions.  This mini-site has been set up for you to view work in progress on your site pages.

Please remember to return to this page as you look at the changes made since your last visit.

Admission employs the use of a javascript-enabled drop-down menu similar to the Windows operating system.  The benefits of using a drop-down menu are ease of use and familiarity among users, and the menu is written in a single file, edited with Notepad, which makes additions and changes to the menu easier.  The single file is read and used by all pages the code is written on.

Registration page uses dynamic html for mouse-over effects.  It has a look consistent with the Admissions page and the Viewbook.  A sample of the sub-pages was published and can be viewed by clicking here.  This uses a top dhtml menu and a side frontpage rollover menu.  The photographs change with each page to give viewers a "tour" of sorts as they navigate through the site.


Please email your input and feedback to .