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Re: Thought about this referendum.

From: As I see it
Category: General Discussion
Date: 31 Jan 2003
Time: 19:42:03 -0500
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Ivan, If you build a house that sells for $200,000, how much are the total property taxes on the house, and how much of that amount will go to the local school district? How much does it cost, per year, to teach a child these days, and how much does the district get from the state? If a person buys a $200,000 home and has two children in the school district, will the school gain or lose revenue on that transaction? Can you give me real numbers? How many new houses have to be built to bring enough students into the district to fill a medium-sized middle school, and how many new houses have been built since the past referendum was passed? Do you have any idea how many imigrants have settled in the area and what has happened to the population density in areas where these imigrants tend to settle?

I am not here to argue with you, I simply want to understand the problem because I may get involved in encouraging passage of the referendum. I do like your other suggestion about movement to a new high school and conversion of the old school to a middle-school. I think it gives something back to the older communities who would otherwise be asked to pay higher taxes to build a school for the wealthier neighborhoods.

Also, if the mean income in DeKalb is $38,000+/-, who buys your homes? Where the hell does someone find a job in this area that will allow them to buy a $200,000 home? My point is pretty obvious. If the mean income is so low,it means that we have a high density of lower-income homes that do not contribute very much in property taxes. What do we have to do to bring jobs with respectable incomes into this area?

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