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Re: Thought about this referendum.

From: ivankrpan
Category: General Discussion
Date: 31 Jan 2003
Time: 15:32:30 -0500
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Nobody has ever subsidized one of my projects or homes. I am not dependent upon upon the taxpayer to feed my children. I do not get automatic pay raises every year like the majority of government paid workers. When most developers do a project, it is their neck on the line. Taxpayers DO NOT pay for the roads, sewer, water lines, street lights, street signs, all engineering, in most cases do additional work to help the existing areas around his project work better. This is with money he has borrowed and had to secure with personal property. In essence, the home owner or store owner who buys or pays rent does pay his/her share. The Sanitary district doesn't pay a penny for the infrastructure, in matter of fact the developer pays them for the hook up. That developer also has to build for the future development next to him, then we continue to pay based on water usage to the sanitary district. Taxpayer dollars ARE NOT used for the majority of the developments that are under way today. If incentives or tax dollars are used, it is because a TIF district is there for there use. You don't want to give incentives, get rid of the TIF district. The TIF is being used wrong anyways. It was never intended to be used by non-taxpaying bodies as schools and park districts. It was set up to rebuild weak and blighted areas to become more appealing. Commercial and residential alike. In the real world you have to watch how you spend and what you do, the cause and effect. I can't threaten to strike because I want a pay increase and more benefits. In the words of the DeKalb School Board president the other evening. He basically said what we know is true. New construction and development is the only thing that helped the school district out of a major hole a few years ago. Without responsible growth any community will die, we just need leaders who can lead and not spend us to death.

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