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Re: Mr. McIntyre

From: Mac McIntyre
Category: General Discussion
Date: 31 Oct 2002
Time: 18:27:56 -0500
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From the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat!

Thank you, DR... I hope the teachers understand that my issue with the administration has nothing to do with how I feel about teachers. You (teachers) and the kids are caught in the middle. And my apologies if any of my statements have offended you.

Now for my anonymous fan... Thanks for visiting my site. I think you forgot to mention that I also have bad teeth and my feet stink.

I did NOT pocket any of Sycamore's tax dollars, not one red cent. As a volunteer I did help get their tourism program started. I also got them a $20,000 grant for brochures (no I did not print them and I volunteered my design and copywriting services). I also helped get them a grant for their new Midwest Museum of Natural History (if that is what its still called). I didn't get paid for any of it. I didn't ask.

My company does get paid $800 a month from the DeKalb County Building and Development Association (DCBDA). Most of that I pay to my staff for coordinating meetings and calling members.

Believe it or not some of the DCBDA members dont agree with my viewpoints. In this school referendum issue I have never pretended that I represent the DCBDA's viewpoint... I only state my opinion, regardless of what the Chronicle may write. Frankly, the DCBDA don't pay me enough to tell me what my opinion should be.

As for the underground railroad... again I never got paid a cent... in fact I spent a few thousand of my own dollars travelling around the country trying to make sure this area's heritage regarding the underground railroad wasn't forgotten when Clinton passed the Network to Freedom Act.

So... anonymous fan... even if you vote for the referendum, I hope you vote, we need to participate in our government of the people, by the people and for the people... and thanks again for visiting my site.

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