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DeKalb Schools

From: P O'd in DeKalb
Category: General Discussion
Date: 24 Oct 2002
Time: 19:49:48 -0400
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Is our school board dictating to the school superintendant or is it the other way around? Why is the school board so quiet about this? Has Dr. Ali told them to shut up like he did the night he loss the 1st referendum? You bet he has. Tough getting that State job Dr. Ali when you can't even get a simple referendum passed in a po dunk community. We are not as dumb as you think Ali and not all of the Ad Hoc committee was unanimous on this plan. Rushing to meet deadlines and lack of having plans ready for review forced this issue. Did you know that the school board president, Don Robinson is moving in the near future? Don, spend more dollars on busing and send the Cortland students to Malta grade school, that'll show those Cortland people. This plan will sure effect Don and his family will it not? Who are you sticking it to Don? No more lies to the voters and taxpayers! Speak the truth or get out of town. Tell the real truth, our board and superintendent have wasted and squandered many tax dollars and ran short of money and time to fulfill Title IX compliance, growth did not cause this problem,ineffective leaders. Too bad tar and feathering is not allowed any more. Plenty of feathers amongst the school board members! What a shame. And the kids still suffer, and you call yourselves educators.

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