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DeKalb School Referendum

From: A concerned taxpayer
Category: A Big Thumbs Up To...
Date: 23 Oct 2002
Time: 04:02:51 -0400
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I do not trust Dr. Ali, superintendant of DeKalb schools and the school board of DeKalb. Now I know why. The new referendum is asking for 39.8 million dollars. According the the school districts own numbers, 29.8 million dollars will be spent just on gymnasiums, leaving 10 million for classrooms. Why more for gyms than classrooms? This overcrowding of schools and the need for this referendum is not due to new growth. Title IX compliance and DeKalb schools have neglected this. Just look at the plans and see the gyms. This is not what the school district was complaining about, they were crying for classrooms. I do not trust the numbers, I do not trust Ali, I do not trust our school board. Something is rotten in DeKalb and Ali is the center of it.

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