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Beer or Boxing Gloves?

From: Mac McIntyre
Category: General Discussion
Date: 22 Oct 2002
Time: 23:11:51 -0400
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Hello Herb...

Glad to see you are back from your trip and well. We've never met face-to-face. I look forward to doing that sometime but I wonder which will be more appropriate for our meeting -- 12 ounce beers or boxing gloves?

Just for your information, I am not representing the Building Association's views on this development. I am representing my own personal views and I am not being paid anything from anyone for the research I have done on this project or the time and effort I have spent expressing my views.

I am executive officer of the DCBDA. They pay my company, eWorldLinx, Inc., $800 per month to set up and facilitate their various meetings and special events. DeKalb Associates pays me less than that each month to design ad material and to maintain their website. Construx is not a client of mine and have not paid me, nor promised me, one red cent at any time.

I am not a member of the Plan Commission, City Council, School Board or Park Board. I am registered to vote and have done so religiously after completing my tour of duty from 1973-1975. I thought that qualified me as an ordinary citizen but since I do not oppose growth I guess in your eyes I am an elitist.

I was hoping, and still am, for answers to my questions. If there are disputes to the ISBE's numbers or to the projections of tax revenues that I presented I was hoping to read those. Instead you presented me with your questions and I will do my best to answer them, except they really appear to by generalities to support your viewpoint. I'm trying to be very specific and factual. I believe the tax payers deserve nothing less than that.

I have attended several meetings regarding the Comprehensive Plan and at every meeting I have attended someone has brought up the need for attainable housing. Ideologies aside, it appears to me that the Savannah Green project meets just about every guideline contained in the section of the current Comprehensive Plan that outlines what the City of DeKalb would support: building green, energy efficient homes, etc. Have these goals been changed?

One of your statements, "Put in real parks and don't pretend that the water flow space is really open space," cannot go unchallenged. A community center with a public swimming pool is proposed in this development along with neighborhood parks. The cost to tax payers is nil.

There appears to be a game of "Gimme, Gimme, Gotcha" going on here. Ask for something and then ask for something more. This (Savannah Green) project is for attainable housing --- affordable new housing for the ordinary citizens who are making less than $45,000 in total household income. Or are you saying that those current residents of DeKalb are subordinary?

Here's hoping that our community leaders don't price us out of affording to live here.

Mac McIntyre

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