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From: Mac McIntyre
Category: General Discussion
Date: 22 Oct 2002
Time: 22:47:47 -0400
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Thanks for your reply and the time and effort you put in for the children of our community. Good luck to you, the School Board and Administration in the upcoming referendum issue.

Could you tell me what the per pupil funding from the State is? I believe it is important that all factors are considered.

I do not know how Suhadolnik derived his projection of 270 students but it does appear that the development would support 366 students, not counting state aid. Do you believe the development will generate more students and do you think all of these will be new students? Doesn't the school district have a formula for projecting students?

I knew there was some kind of lag but thanks for explaining it more fully to me. After that first year I believe you do receive full funding. I suppose it would be prudent to figure out when or if that lag is made up for in the life of the home.

This is a real catch-22. You say that the community cannot afford this attainable housing project but based on median incomes of our current population it appears that many residents cannot afford the homes that are available. The reduced maintenance and energy costs of a new construction home sure helps the budget for those of us who are struggling to make ends meet.

Thanks again for your reply.

Mac McIntyre

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