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Mac's Math is Good

From: Don Robinson (Media deleted from list)
Category: General Discussion
Date: 22 Oct 2002
Time: 22:46:09 -0400
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Mac: your math is good if I am to believe the average home value; however, I find the demographic assumptions improbable. To suggest 270 kids will reside in the S G development means walking past 5 empty-nester homes and finding two school-age kids in the sixth. Despite the school district having no funds to build a school in the development -- unless the developer pays for it -- I believe quality homes at an affordable price range will serve a broad market that includes families with school-age children.

Also, please remember there is a lag in collecting the fully assessed real estate taxes. The district is educating those kids their first year with a vacant lot assessment and no state aid.

The state of Illinois' revenues have suffered as have many other states' during this recession. The future continues to look bleak. There are only so many places the state can cut expenditures, and education already knows it will take the brunt of the blow next year.

Simply put, the project looks appealing on paper, but the school district and our community cannot afford for it to be built.

Best, Don

Don Robinson

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