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Re: Splendid Irony

From: Pat Conboy
Category: General Discussion
Date: 22 Oct 2002
Time: 22:27:55 -0400
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Hi-- Thanks for the invite. I will be unable to attend. On the 12th we are celebrating, in DeKalb, our son's recent marriage in Portland, Oregon.

I suggest we all should look to Portland, Oregon (beautiful place) as an example of good community planning. Their emphasis includes growth boundaries and the revitalization of the older neighborhoods-- prior to boundary expansion .

Here in Dekalb, there seems to be a supply of attainable housing in the older neighborhoods. These areas need to be invigorated --not made less competitive. I would be glad to point these many properties out personally. More energy and resources, including the advice of the "development community", in cooperation w/the City, need to be diverted to these areas.

Recently I discussed this over-all issue with a retired real estate broker.. he too was concerned that Savannah Green, in the size proposed, would encourage the "build and abandon" phenomenon. The older parts of the community "would lose value", and the traditional community would be harmed.

I personally believe we should be considering, and I support, a moratorium on large housing developments until a number of basic issues be considered:

1. impact upon the school system, and willingness of current citizens to finance the increasing demands placed on the system by the new housing; 2. long term impact upon, and adequacy of the water supply/water supply system; 3. impact upon the personnel needs of fire and police, and city staff; 4. overall impact upon the infrastructure, including road system; 5. impact upon the present housing stock and value of same; and 6. completion of the community plan and analysis of present citizens desires.

I am inclined against this proposed annexation Pat Conboy

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