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-- Posted by Mac on 8:24 am on Feb. 26, 2001

By claiming that he wants to be Mayor of all of Sycamore, does challenger John Swedberg imply that incumbent Jim Edwards has focused too much on the Central Business District? Should old fashioned street lights be installed in the downtown district? Are there other areas of town that need more emphasis than the CBD?

-- Posted by jenmarch on 4:11 pm on Mar. 30, 2001

What Sycamore REALLY needs is a good transportation system that links it with DeKalb.  Many residents of DeKalb would like to shop in Sycamore and use its services (like the courthouse and the clinic on Peace Rd).  But if you don't have a car, there's no way to get there.  A sure way to pick up business in Sycamore is to extend the Huskie bus service to downtown Sycamore.

-- Posted by Dan on 5:17 pm on April 1, 2001

I live in DeKalb and go to NIU. I would like to see bus service to Sycamore.

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