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Topic: Landlord-Tenant Ordinance
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Thread Review for Landlord-Tenant Ordinance (newest post first)
jenmarch Posted on 11:21 pm on April 18, 2001
While I do believe that Sparrow is against the proposed l/t ordinance, he has not made his stance absolutely clear.  First he joined the landlords when he signed a petition against the proposed ordinance.  Then he said that he wasn't against the idea of an ordinance only against the one that was proposed.  Then, in his final interview with the Northern Star before the election, he said that the proposed ordinance might be okay with some "tweaking".  He said that he believes the l/t task force is fairly representative of all sides and will wait for their recommendations.  He also made a pledge to listen to student concerns and include them more in the governing process.  So, it's not a foregone conclusion that this is a dead issue if Sparrow is as committed to fairness as he says he is.
Mac Posted on 4:21 pm on April 6, 2001
Thanks for posting the address of the proposed ordinance Jen...  Is this a dead issue now that Greg Sparrow has been elected Mayor? Should it be?
jenmarch Posted on 3:02 pm on Mar. 30, 2001
You can read a summary of the proposed ordinance and the ordinance itself at

Its provisions are reasonable and fair to both tenants and landlords.

(Edited by jenmarch at 3:03 pm on Mar. 30, 2001)
jenmarch Posted on 2:58 pm on Mar. 30, 2001
A landlord/tenant ordinance is needed to protect tenants from avaricious & untrustworthy landlords.  Those landlords who already abide by the law will not be affected by the proposed ordinance.  Rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords will spelled out leaving no ambiguity for someone to take advantage of.
MikeC Posted on 8:44 am on Mar. 15, 2001
this is just another example of Bessie sticking her nose where it dont belong. The city of DeKalb's staff is big enough and now she wants to add more?  We want less government not more. Enough is enough!!!
Mac Posted on 7:04 am on Feb. 26, 2001
The City of DeKalb is considering an ordinance to regulate certain issues that arise between a landlord and their tenants. Proponents believe that such an ordinance is necessary. Opponents believe it is an intrusion by the city government and not necessary at all.  What is your view?

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