Movable Type User Manual: BLOGS

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The Movable Type system supports multiple blogs. A blog is simply a collection of entries, templates, and everything else you see on the blog Editing Menu.

You can create a new blog (if you have blog-creation privileges, that is) by logging in to Movable Type, then clicking Create New Blog. Fill in the configuration information, then press SAVE; you will automatically be assigned full permissions for this new blog.

You can edit the configuration of an existing blog by logging in to Movable Type, selecting the blog you wish to configure from Your existing blogs, then clicking Edit Blog Configuration.

Creating a New Blog

When creating a new blog, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Create the directory where your weblog will be stored. If you wish to store your archive files in a directory other than your main weblog directory, create a directory to hold your archives, as well. Set the permissions (CHMOD) of both directories to 777 (unless you are running Movable Type under cgiwrap or suexec).

  2. In the Main Menu, click Create New Blog; then configure the required settings in the blog creation screen--name your blog, set up the paths and URLs, and select a timezone for the blog. When you are done with your blog configuration, press SAVE.

  3. By default your blog will be created with a complete set of working templates; you can customize these now in the List & Edit Templates screen, if you'd like.

  4. Test your blog by creating an entry, then commenting on it. You can also rebuild all of your files to test out the rebuild features.

  5. Tell everyone about your new blog!

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