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Article Marketing through Native Advertising – How Does That Benefit You?

The way digital marketing works can be confusing for many, even if you are a business owner who has some understanding of marketing concepts. The digital world is evolving fast, and every bit of its evolution is based on the interests of the users. One of the advanced forms of advertising is native advertising. These ads are different from what you have been seeing in the past and thus their performance is quite amazing.

Now, can you use this type of advertising to market your articles? If you can, how does that benefit you and your business in any way? Let’s figure that out in this article.

Understand Off Page SEO

If you know this concept, you will already start connecting the dots. Off page SEO usually involves you getting inbound links to your website from various high-authority websites on the internet. When you write content, you can either give it to some blog owner for guest blogging or publish it on social media for free. If the blogger accepts your content and puts it on their blog, every time someone clicks on the link in that article and lands on your website, they increase your page’s authority. Of course, how much those links weigh depends on the authority of the blog you have chosen.

However, you can also get links from reliable websites through paid advertising. In this particular case, let’s talk about native advertising.

Understand Native Advertising 

The thing about native ads is that they don’t look like ads at all. Yes, that’s what makes them special and unique. The idea is to create an ad and present it in such a way that it blends well with the scheme, sequence, and design elements of the website on which it is hosted. If you have been on a news website, you will know what it means. You read a few stories, and then you see “From Around the Web” written somewhere with many news pieces underneath it. These are native ads that look like the rest of the content on the website but they are meant for promotion purposes.

Native Advertising for Article Marketing

Now, you can use native ads for a variety of purposes. One of those purposes could be to spread awareness about your brand, product or service. So, what you can do is write an article that is informative and helps people understand your brand. You then create a native ad campaign and launch that article into that campaign. What happens next is that your article, based on its niche and target audience, gets showcased on all the websites on which it can easily blend in with the rest of the content.

You should know here that Taboola and Outbrain are two giants in this space that can help you launch your article on some of the best websites in the world, including some well-known and internationally famous news websites, such as The Guardian, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, etc.

The Benefits of Article Marketing through Native Ads

The benefits here are twofold if you look closely. First of all, your article goes in front of people who are already interested in similar topics. Secondly, it comes in front of them when their minds are already in the information accepting state. Thirdly, once they click on the ad and land on your website, it gives you an inbound link. Since the websites in Taboola’s and Outbrain’s network are some of the best and biggest, every link you get from them is considered high quality. At the end of the day, you spread awareness, get traffic on your website, and create high-authority links for off-page SEO.

Final Thoughts

There are many aspects of digital marketing and native advertisement is just one of them. Once you understand these concepts and why these techniques exist, you can really make use of them. Yes, this type of marketing does cost you but the results it brings you can change everything for you and your brand too. 

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